Show Rules

In all sections of the Schedule only ONE EXHIBIT is allowed in any one class from any one exhibitor.
Exhibits of vegetables, fruit and flowers for competition, except in the Floral Arrangement Class 7, must have been grown by the person exhibiting.
The judging of exhibits will be carried out according to the recommendations contained in the Horticultural Show Handbook 1990 edition, published by the Royal horticultural Society, but, where appropriate, the committee reserves the right to follow the recommendations of the National Societies.
Any prize may, at the discretion of the Judges, be withheld or modified if the exhibits are not considered worthy of the prize. Exhibits not conforming to the schedule will, if possible, but put in order or called to the attention of the exhibitor.
Any protest or objection must be made in writing, accompanied by a deposit of 50p, and be lodged with the Show Secretary not later than 2.30pm. If the objection is upheld the deposit will be returned.
The Society will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to exhibits etc.
Car parking is at owner’s risk. The Society or Solley’s Farms Ltd cannot be held responsible for loss or damage.

Entry is free.
Entry class numbers emailed to or by post to Carol Whittaker the Show Secretary at address shown on page 3.
Please indicate clearly the classes you intend to enter, together with your name and phone number.
Exhibits must be staged by the times specified by the schedule on the day of the show.
Late entries will be accepted only at the discretion of the Show Secretary, but in order to plan the layout of the hall and prepare paperwork, we need to know how many entries are likely to be in each class, so please err on the optimistic side!